Sep 222018

Current River Gallery Show

Please visit the River Gallery in La Connor (through October 14th) to see Dedrian’s current work. Above work by Dedrian  “Summer Pond”.

Jan 132017
Dede's ProfileA native Californian, Dedrian spent her childhood enjoying the beauty and small town atmosphere of Saratoga, and surrounding areas of Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. Summer vacations were spent with her family exploring the forests of northern California, Nevada and Colorado. These experiences left Dedrian with a deep appreciation and connection to nature and it’s preservation.
Fast forward, now in retirement, it is no surprise that Dedrian lives in the beautiful forested small town of Bow, Washington just south of the North Cascade mountains. Inspired by her partner and artist/sculptor Robert Gigliotti, Dedrian now translates her appreciation for nature to her pastel paintings. Initially dabbling in watercolors and acrylics, upon retirement Dedrian discovered soft pastels and fell in love. Self taught, Dedrian spends most days in her newly designed studio in Bow, honing her skills painting landscapes and wildlife, watching them come to life on her canvas.
Although Dedrian may be considered an “emerging artist”, her work is increasingly seen at many of the art shows and galleries in the surrounding areas. Stephen Hunter recently reported for the Cascadia Weekly, “Not a stroke of color is out of place. Clark, upon retirement from business, enjoys an amazing burst of creativity: her studies of wildlife, domestic animals, moths, stream-sides and similar, quiet natural subjects are moving and luminous”.